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Psychic Course

If you are reading this site, THANK YOU! I congratulate you! The fact that you are here means you are interested in making your world & the world at large a better place. Please follow that path to healing and light wherever the journey takes you.

Training in Intuitive development and Healing
On-line Course.

$ 49.99

4 weeks of Intense Psychic Development all done from the comfort of Your Home

Have you ever had the feeling that there was more to life than meets the eye? Have you ever wondered what your life purpose is? Do you wish to communicate with your deceased loved ones? Do you yearn for greater understanding and healing in your life and relationships? Are you looking for spiritual growth and enlightenment?



Are you Psychic?
We are all psychic. There are many levels of sensitivity to this realm. Most of us have over the years learned to supress our spiritual gifts and thus making us unaware of them. Even if we accomplish to tune out our Psychic gifts during the day, while we sleep at night they come out in our dreams. Our dreams bring us insight, healing and information. These gifts can be had during our waking hours as well. With a little work, you too can tap into your Psychic Powers and witness  healing, guidance & love on your Spiritual Journey
White Light Protection:
* Use before you do Spiritual Work (protection)
Visualize a God Like Light coming down upon you from the heavens, entering at the top of your head, down your body and into your toes. Filling every cell of your being with Pure white Light. Now see this Light fill your surroundings outside of your physical body, see the room, then the house, (etc.) . Fill with this magificient Light.
* Many times, I enter into Meditation when performing this Exercise. When I am overwhelmed, in fear or off balance, I perform this excerise to bring my life back into focus and on the Path of light