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~ Psychic April ~


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Psychic/ Spiritual Gifts
Wondering what gifts Psychic April uses in her readings?
On this page we will tell you about Psychic/ Spiritual Gifts. There are many more out there, we will list the ones Psychic April Utilizes



Mediums: give messages from the afterlife. The objective of a mediums work is to prove survival of the human personality after death and to help the bereaved come to terms with their loss. Sittings with mediums are not for fortune telling but are experimental sessions to provide evidence of survival. Any attempt to communicate with Spirit is, by its very nature, purely experimental and therefore, results can never be guaranteed. I will guarantee though, that someone will come through to give you a message or a word of hope from the other side. (Communication with those that have passed/crossed over. A Bridge to the other side )

Clairvoyance:   is the ability to "see" images in one's mind that are not visible to the naked eye, and may sometimes be scenes from the future or the past. Some clairvoyants may see the colors of "auras", the energy patterns surrounding people's bodies.

Clairaudience :   is the ability to "hear" sounds or voices not audible to others. Some clairaudients called "mediums" may receive verbal messages from "spirits" or deceased persons. Clairsentience is the ability to "feel" sensations or emotional energies not noticed by others. Clairsentients who have this ability may be "psychic healers".

Channelers:    act as a "channel" for information from the spirit realm, either writing it down ("automatic writing") or letting a voice speak through them.

Tarot card readers:    use intuition to interpret the "spread" of cards, but are not necessarily "psychic". A psychic might use tarot cards as a guide or to focus.

Psychics:   are aware of things one cannot perceive through the five physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste or smell. They are said to have a "sixth sense" which is often called "extra sensory perception" (ESP) or just "intuition". There are several types of psychic "sensings" similar to seeing, hearing and feeling.

We are all psychic. Each and Everyone of us has been blessed with Spiritual gifts.


Automatic Writing

Close your eyes.

Imagine the warm sun touching you on a spring day.

Hear the water of the stream floating across the stones of it's bed.

Smell the sweet warmth of the Earth's aroma coming into your conscious awareness.

Feel the outside world slip away, taking with it all your cares and worries.

You are totally immersed now in the sacred private place, your own private Earth.

The birds begin to sing and with their song you become more and more a part of the totality of the scene.

You begin to see a glowing energy around your body.

This energy now reaches out and touches everything around you.

Sense the wisdom that surrounds and envelops you.

Open your heart to the messages of the true nature of oneness.

Take a deep, deep breath now, in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Repeat this process as you go down deeper into total relaxation.

I'm going to count down from 7 to 1, with each number you feel closer and closer to your true nature.

Number seven, deepening your sense of safety and relaxation.

Six, you are enveloped in the protection of the white light.

Five, feeling your body lighten, to weightlessness.

Four, feeling absolute balance.

Three, deeper into joy and completion.

Two, becoming aware of a glorious energy nearing you

One, standing face to face with your higher self.

Feel the outstretched arms of your higher self embrace you with absolute love.

Feel this love and revel in it. (Quiet for 3 - 5 minutes)

Good, allow your higher self to merge into your energy becoming one brilliant light.

Off in the distance you can see another brilliant light.

It is waiting for you to initiate contact.

Allow your perfect ball of light to envelope your body, readying it for contact.

Bring the mind to your perfect level of consciousness for writing with Spirit. (Wait a moment)

Invite the brilliant light of your guide to merge into your aura.

Give your guide permission to use your arm to give you the gift of contact.

Gently open your eyes enough to see the page, without leaving your perfect level for writing.

Pick up your pen or pencil and holding lightly, begin to draw gentle circles.



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Meet Your Guardian Angel or
Spirit Guide


Write down your question(s) if you wish or plant them firmly in your mind.

Sit or lie in a comfortable position where you will not be disturbed.

Ground and center.

Become aware of each breath you take. Focus only on your breathing for a short time.

Picture a landscape that is comfortable to you: a cave, a beach, a meadow, a forest clearing - wherever your mind takes you is where you are supposed to meet your guardian. Not only see this landscape, but concentrate on the smells and the sounds around you. Continue visualizing your surroundings until they are firmly planted in your mind and you can see, smell and hear clearly everything that is around you.

This may take some practice, and you may wish to work only up to this point until you can become immersed in this world.

Picture a well or running water in the middle of this landscape; imagine all of your negative feelings being bundled into a black ball in the middle of your body. Push this black ball outside of yourself and throw it into the moving

water or well and see it leaving you.

Now picture a white ball of light hovering over your head. See this white light descend and spread over your body until it envelops you and fills you.

Call upon your guardian or spirit guide to be with you. You do not have to talk out loud. You will know when your guide is present - it may appear to you physically or you may hear voices in your head, you may smell flowers or perfume of some sort or you may simply feel a tingling sensation, especially on the back of your neck, or chills.

Greet your guide and ask your question(s) or simply converse with it. You may get an answer right away - it could be spoken, it could be a symbol of some type. You may not receive your answer until later, even days later, so after your exercise be very aware of patterns or symbols you come across in your everyday life.

When you are finished conversing, thank your guide or angel. Return to normal consciousness by becoming aware again of your breathing and the sounds around you.

Ground and center again.

Write down your experiences; whatever symbols you were shown or what you heard.


~ From: Keth Luke ~
Subject: Crystalline Children
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002
"Awakening-Healing News" Letter of Light,
"Light Family News"

Crystalline Children
Channeling from the Ascended Masters June 4th, 2002

It is that on this occasion we wish to speak to you of the children. It is that for many years of your earth time, your children have been arriving with the gifts as it was in the Beginning. These children inherently carry that which is the crystalline energies. Not only are these energetics crystalline in nature, they are also carrying the harmonics of the pyramids, those which are tetrahedronal in form. These pyramids carrying an entirety of the spectrum of light. The Sacred Spiral. This meaning a fullness of the spectrum of light and frequencies. A complete set of energies. Perfection in existence.

This combination of light energies is perfection Universal. These children are able to function as pure energy within their consciousness. These little Beings are coming with the abilities to see past the illusions. The abilities to travel within their consciousnesses throughout the dimensional realms. They are able to see past the illusions that are created within your third dimensional realities.

It is that these children are able to communicate telepathically, and are speaking to others in other dimensions as a normal event in the course of their play. It is that these children understand that which you do not. That reality is not limited to that which is what you see, hear, feel, taste and smell, but a much greater reality that is beyond your physical manifestations.

It is that these children are coming forth into this world as it is written that they must at this time. It is that they carry to you Rememberings of that which is, that which is truth, that which is the essence of Being in the reality of the One. It is that these beings who come to you in this way are emissaries o the Ancient Ways. They bring to you a reality that to you seems to be one which is new. It is that this reality is of the Beginning. It is that these children carry the vibration that brings into harmony your world and the One.

These children are being misunderstood, and even considered abnormal in their behaviors. It is not so. It is that they come remembering that which you have forgotten. They have no patience for everyday smallness as it exists in your reality. To these young Beings, reality is a much larger and more important picture. It is that these children are sensitive to the feelings, the essences of others. It is that they are able to see what is truth within and around all things, and these children are not accepting of untruths in their realities.

These children are highly intuitive. They see all that is, and perceive all at once. They do not think within their mental structuring in linear form, but rather holographically. This type of thinking brings high intelligence. Their perceptive abilities are utilizing once dormant areas of brain matter that is coming alive with the genetic changes that are occurring at this time.

Many of these beings are coming as starseeds to bring forward once again and carry the energies that must be utilized with the coming shift. It is that these children are forefront in the Knowings. And yet, as they exhibit their gifts, many of those responsible for these children are misunderstanding these behaviors as strange misalignments to the accepted reality.

These children are being taught against their inherent abilities to behave in ways that are foreign to them. They are resisting those untruths, and many of them are rebelling. They are becoming seen as problems in your societies as they fight the untruths that are given to them. It is that they are unable to see or interpret the logic or that which you consider important within your third dimensional structuring, as these children do not recognize structure in that which you perceive the normal ways.

It is that we ask you to become aware of these children, for it is they who bring you light, bring you Truth to your existences in ways that you are only beginning to become aware of.

It is that we ask you to nurture the gifts of these crystalline children, as they bring to you that which is an important part of your evolution toward becoming beings of light in your original form. Praise their difference.

Know that this is as it should be. They will bring you understandings as to the Ancient ways, those which you perceive as new ways, as those ways in which your world is operating at this time are of false truth, of disillusionment, of deception. These children come with the ability to teach you to operate as the One. It is that these children carry the ways of the future that will assist you in wholeness for a world of harmony, of peace, for within them is carried the vibration of all things. The One.

It is that within the human genetic structuring, changes are occurring. It is that with these changes, there are certain signalings that are taking place in the form of an electrical arc from one segment of the genetic structuring to another, once dormant sector. New yet old connections are being made. Some of you are experiencing this as Awakening to other realities.

Some are experiencing more subtle, physical changes, such as your digestive systems requiring different foods for optimum performance, others are experiencing lymphatic or adrenal malfunction. Yet others are experiencing lack of clarity and decisiveness as the energies expand and your mental selves are not keeping up. Others of you are experiencing pain within your physicalities that is not remedied with the usual forms of treatment and seemingly has no explanation for its occurrence. This all will equalize as you adapt to the changes.

As your awareness revitalizes the activity of your genetic make-up begins to operate more fully as it once did. It is within this structuring that your awakenings are coming in more fully, often as if your Awareness seems surreal. Perhaps you are seeing or hearing other realities that you had not before experienced. It is that this is a normal part of the process. We ask you to remember to breath and to remain open to that which you receive. Remember to ask for interpretation or guidance when necessary. There are always those of other dimensions who wait for your request who are there to serve you, to give you that which you need.

There are occurring different electrical patterns amongst the segmentation of the genetic structuring. With the re-patterning of these electrical signals, different combinations of the switching mechanisms within the double helix are occurring.

This is also leading to far more that the basic four of your genetic alphabet. It is that within these changes are becoming new chemical compounds of proteins and amino acids that are conducive to your reception and transmision of data in the Ancient ways, in a more highly refined transfer of energies. Smoothing out the fields, so to speak, so that the energies are moving in a smooth way, rather than the chaotic, interrupted way that your physical evolutionary process have caused.

You see, your genetic structure, that spiraling double length of DNA material is much more than simply a tool for your evolutionary physical process to remember from one generation to the next, it is much like a Universal communication satellite that has been dormant for thousands of millennia. It is also that which re-opens your gamma brain wave activity for access to Higher communication. Higher learning. Reconnection with those who will lead you home. It is that as you move closer to that which is the shift your energetic make-ups are preparing you for the changes that will occur.

Within these changes come the re-awakened abilities to perceive in energetic form, to communicate on many levels at once, not simply that of your mind or that of your intuitive selves, but farther. It is that with these genetic changes comes a refinement of your electromagnetic selves.

In such a way that you are transmitting in light form, as it was in the Beginning. And as you transmit in light form, you are communicating in the purest of ways. You are communicating on a Universal level. Past your words, past your motion, your emotion, beyond your thinking, as pure light beings. As intrinsic parts of the One. As you already are. Within this transmission and reception are the harmonics that travel electro magnetically along the corridors of the null zones between the particulates in the Universal Construct. As this energy travels past the particulates, the particulates rearrange their order.

Depending upon the state of light, the frequencies of the energies, the message is given form in its formlessness. It is here that all manifestation occurs, miracles are accomplished and healing becomes reality. It is here that alchemy is accomplished. It is that we can compare this to form and formlessness to your current existences.

As you are in form, you are weighty, dense, and grounded in your atmosphere. As you are in formlessness, operating from within your consciousness, you become capable of Light-ness. That which is your true selves. Light-ness is the ability to be anything anywhere anytime as you wish as you require, and as you operate in this way, with your consciousness, you are sending that which is you, your message to all levels of being without the weight of your physicalities.

And so it is also that you are receiving in the same way. Your essence is light. Your essence functions within the harmonics and light of the Universal process, moving outwardly above, below and to all directions, communicating all the way. Receiving all the way.

It is in this way you return to your Galactic Being-ness. As you become multi-dimensionally oriented, you will begin to understand that the Truth lies in all things, not in your mind. Not in your simple third dimensional perceptions or external stimulation, but much farther.

It is in this way that the children are coming fully operable into your world. It is in this way that many of you are learning to Become. It is in this way that some of you came as forerunners of today's children, carrying the Knowings and bringing forward the evolutionary changes one to the other until it has come as a matter of natural occurrence.

Many of you are prepared to guide them. You will see that those children of the crystalline form will recognize you if you are being of the light. They will lock their eyes with yours, and communicate to you that they have a knowing of you, even before they can speak. Listen to their wordless-ness. Tell them in this same telepathic form that you understand, that they are not alone, that you are aware of them, and give them fullness of Universal and unconditional love in that moment. They will remember.

And unto you we say that you are Beings Eternal. That you are of and within the Light. It is for you to choose that path which you wish to walk. To embrace that which is yourself, that being all things, the One. We remind you that comparison of yourselves one to another accomplishes nothing, for each of you is that of the other. Move forward toward the whole. You are the One you seek, Dear Ones. Fear not the coming times, for it is as it has always been. The only change has been your perceptions. Be in peace. Be only love. Be from within. as you are, so it is.

We return to light.