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Psychic Aprils Ratings
All ratings taken from Kasamba: Psychic April
Member    Date   Rating  


tapirman Apr 16 2004 are truly wonderfull. It is amazing how accuratelly you described other person's character and sensitivity. I will hope that it will turn out as you predicted :)

tapirman Apr 15 2004 Thank You April..Wonderfull

Angeleyes77 Apr 12 2004

moverand26 Mar 2 2004 April is insighful and uplifting - she highly acurate - ****Thanks!!!

moverand26 Feb 26 2004 WOW incredible reading - invaluable assistance and support

tapirman Feb 26 2004 Very encouraging, You made my day April, Wonderfull reading!!!!

WebExperts Nov 24 2003 Seemed to pickup situation correctly

rand Nov 23 2003

Burghley Nov 20 2003

Jenny Sue Nov 19 2003

mae41 Nov 19 2003 She is truly talented and accurate!

mae41 Nov 12 2003 She is so talented and trustworthy!

Cel24 Nov 12 2003

Medica Nov 6 2003

mdf36 Nov 6 2003

Burghley Oct 27 2003

Anne Gourley-Payne Oct 27 2003

Tomaz Oct 27 2003

brinda Oct 27 2003 she is excelent very accurate liked her alote you call her will not disapoint will keep u posted thanks april

Bilou Oct 26 2003 Terrific!

wren2975 Oct 26 2003


Oct 25 2003

Cass Oct 22 2003 Simply outstanding!

Nu-Vitality Oct 22 2003

tinocas Oct 22 2003 She is outstanding, very honest and the real deal!

stormy55 Oct 17 2003 extremely accurate - gave details that she couldn't have known about - she doesn't ask questions!!! She gives you honest answers!

tinocas Oct 17 2003 She is truly outstanding

Nu-Vitality Oct 16 2003

rand Oct 15 2003

Burghley Oct 15 2003

Grouch Oct 15 2003

Cass Oct 15 2003 I can't recommend her enough! There is no doubt in my mind that April is the REAL thing. She told me something about what my husband was doing that there was no way she could have guessed or inferred and it makes the most perfect sense. WOW!~!!~!!!

Annetteliz Oct 15 2003 really tuned in to my situation... her guides are very well heard.. thank you!!

rand Oct 13 2003 outstanding

Nu-Vitality Oct 12 2003

LAHPNH Oct 12 2003 Most excellent!

rand Oct 11 2003

KitKat62 Oct 11 2003 wonderful

Nu-Vitality Oct 10 2003

laurenra Oct 6 2003

tinocas Oct 3 2003 She is outstanding

SusanP Oct 2 2003

Nu-Vitality Sep 30 2003

laurenra Sep 29 2003

SusanP Sep 29 2003

Nu-Vitality Sep 27 2003

cowgirlup Sep 24 2003

Nu-Vitality Sep 23 2003

rand Sep 23 2003 greattttttttt

laurenra Sep 21 2003

kitkat1962 Sep 19 2003 thank you so much for the reading and prayers :o) Blessings.

cowgirlup Sep 19 2003

Nu-Vitality Sep 17 2003

tinocas Sep 17 2003 She is outstanding!

um1478 Sep 17 2003 Excellent! Quick and enthusiastic. Yes, I hope Holy Spirit, God hasn't gave up on me.

beancounter Sep 14 2003

Nu-Vitality Sep 11 2003

4clyde Sep 11 2003 nothing but the best...highly recommend

rand Sep 11 2003

Cass Sep 11 2003 Very good!

tinocas Sep 10 2003 She is truly outstanding

Synthnez Sep 9 2003 Accurate reading of his character and our current situation.

Nu-Vitality Sep 9 2003

Cass Sep 9 2003

Cass Sep 9 2003


kitkat1962 Sep 5 2003 Wonderful session. Kind and very grounding. I highly recommend. Many blessings :o)

Pathways 101 Sep 4 2003

Nu-Vitality Sep 4 2003

Melinda1 Sep 2 2003

tinocas Aug 26 2003 I have NO Words to express my apreciation of her psychic talent, she is excellent she is honest and I feel because of her help I made a awsome change in my life!!

tinocas Aug 21 2003 She is excellent and zeroes in on things you have not even asked!

tinocas Aug 20 2003 She is excellent and cares, she takes the time to help and goes above and beyond what is expected of her!

stacy ar 1972 Aug 18 2003

tinocas Aug 18 2003 She is excellent!

rand Aug 16 2003 very empathetic

SparrowWithABell Aug 16 2003

SparrowWithABell Aug 16 2003

sheka Aug 16 2003

sexione Aug 16 2003 Great reading. Thank u 4 u'r insight and 4sight.I will wait for the 4th wk. and will keep in touch

vahine Aug 15 2003

Stroma Aug 14 2003 What you've said is true about being a doormat and the stress at work . I'm going into work today for first time sfter summer. i hope it will be ok. thank you.

Cel24 Aug 14 2003

Nu-Vitality Aug 13 2003

tinocas Aug 13 2003 She is the real deal deal!

Pathways 101 Aug 11 2003

Nu-Vitality Aug 11 2003

tinocas Aug 11 2003 awesome

B-cat Aug 11 2003

Petite34 Aug 11 2003

jannsimon Aug 8 2003 April is a gift. She is talented and has all the abilities she claims to have. You will be amazed if you try her as she is truly gifted.

bella tanya Aug 7 2003 excellent advisor. a definate must call!!! very funny too, nice to laugh in the middle of my drama.

SparrowWithABell Aug 4 2003 Very nice lady.

jannsimon Aug 4 2003 As always April is a blessing and talented beyond belief. You will not be disappointed if you try her!

Nu-Vitality Aug 3 2003

jannsimon Jul 30 2003 Psychic April is so gifted, so amazing and so talented I hope I talk to her always. She is helping me solve murder cases she is one of the best mediums I have encountered (and i have spoken with over 100 people). She is a gem.

Bebe Jul 29 2003 If she is right about this, I will give her 5 stars! Very nice lady to talk too. I'll be back April ;)

Nu-Vitality Jul 29 2003

LAHPNH Jul 27 2003 Amazing reading! Really great info,and fast reader!

laurenra Jul 27 2003 thanks!

Nu-Vitality Jul 27 2003

Nu-Vitality Jul 24 2003

Nu-Vitality Jul 24 2003

Jen8084 Jul 23 2003 incredibly accurate reading, so informative and supportive!

tinocas Jul 22 2003 she is excellent

pepperlady Jul 19 2003 Very accurate and detailed. This is a great call.

PureGemini Jul 19 2003

pepperlady Jul 18 2003 Excellent reading.

tinocas Jul 16 2003 ecellent!

SherrieElizabeth Jul 15 2003 lol she was so good its funny! highly recommend her for insights, caring and non-judgmental advice..thanks april!

Nu-Vitality Jul 15 2003

LAHPNH Jul 14 2003 Excellent reading! Really hit the mark! Thank you April!

Ravensmagic Jul 13 2003 very good

Nu-Vitality Jul 13 2003

grindle Jul 8 2003

Nu-Vitality Jul 7 2003

Nu-Vitality Jul 7 2003

Nu-Vitality Jul 5 2003

Vanesa Lim Jun 28 2003

Nu-Vitality Jun 27 2003

LAHPNH Jun 27 2003

GinGin Jun 23 2003

LAHPNH Jun 22 2003 OUtstanding reading! Absolutely excellent!

Lali Jun 20 2003

LAHPNH Jun 20 2003 AMAZING!! She totally pinned that he would call today, and he did! Her predictions are SO right on!

LAHPNH Jun 18 2003 Wonderful reading!

LAHPNH Jun 16 2003 AMazing details! Great insight! A love to talk to !

Nu-Vitality Jun 16 2003

Nu-Vitality Jun 12 2003

Nu-Vitality Jun 11 2003

Lali Jun 5 2003

Lali Jun 5 2003

Nu-Vitality Jun 5 2003

Astrall May 28 2003

Lali May 28 2003

Lali May 28 2003

Nu-Vitality May 28 2003

bluedragon May 28 2003

achimera May 27 2003 Lovely

Lali May 27 2003

Ninjababe May 27 2003

Nu-Vitality May 26 2003

Nu-Vitality May 23 2003

kathykat May 23 2003 great very very detailed I will call back

um1478 May 20 2003 She is so fast. Great.

Nu-Vitality May 19 2003

amramos4 May 19 2003

Confused May 19 2003

Lee-sa May 16 2003 ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

LAHPNH May 15 2003 She is simply amazing - Confrimed our earlier reading, and time frame! AMAZINGLY detailed, and funny too!

beancounter May 15 2003

LAHPNH May 14 2003 Holy Smokes, this girl is GREAT! She was SOOOOOOO quick, really got right to the point - Dates, and everything! She is amazing, you HAVE to get read by her! THANK YOU APRIL!!!!

preshusone May 14 2003

nirvana52 May 9 2003 wonderfully honest and sincere reader. A great friend and support to me.

GinGin May 6 2003 Psychic April is a wonderful, honest and caring reader. Very accurate and up front. I like her alot, and have consulted her many times. Thank you, dear April.

One Intuitive Soul May 6 2003 AMAZING!!! Great Energy

LAHPNH Apr 29 2003 Very quick, and precise answers. She is fabulous!

Lali Apr 24 2003

Cybelle Apr 24 2003

Melinda1 Apr 24 2003

nirvana52 Apr 24 2003 very positive and detailed. Thank you for the encouragement :)

joy456 Apr 23 2003

kaysee Apr 12 2003 sorry, she was just very general

Nu-Vitality Apr 10 2003

snail Apr 5 2003

TOL Apr 2 2003 Thank you for clarifyig a few things for me. Thanks again:)

Pathways 101 Mar 26 2003 Outstanding!!

BENJI Mar 22 2003

ButterflyFL Mar 22 2003

CINZIA Mar 19 2003

Laetitia Mar 17 2003

kaffy Mar 14 2003

Cybelle Mar 14 2003 very quick and accurate on the situation.

Shining Light Mar 13 2003 She was absolutely outstanding, I gave no information and she picked up 100%, really knew what was going on!

Leigh Mar 12 2003 Amazing information!A ton of detail! Thank you!

jannsimon Mar 11 2003 April is so outstanding, gifted and amzing I would rate her the best of the 200 and yes that is true, that I have used. She is blessed, gifted and her talents are directed towards helping all.

rob Mar 11 2003 psychic april is the best reading i have ever received. she will blow your mind with what she has to tell you. i always feel great after talking to her, you get a strong sense that she really cares. thanks again april

Erythrina Mar 11 2003 She is such a wonderful reader!! Very honest and accurate. Thank you so much:)

B-cat Mar 1 2003

rob Feb 7 2003

Carolina Jan 27 2003

Vanesa Lim Jan 26 2003

Noa-Dorit Jan 25 2003 Execellent, amazing, Outstanding....

jannsimon Jan 23 2003 She is outstanding as always. One of the best, and talented psychics I have ever spoken to. You will definitely not be disappointed, she is a gem.

jannsimon Jan 19 2003 April is the best, most accurate psychic I have ever spoken to and I have spoken to over 100. She is helping me with murder cases and is dead on and I could not do this without her. She is worth every cent.

odom Jan 14 2003

jannsimon Jan 13 2003 April is one outstanding and amazing psychic that is on target all the time! God Bless to her and all that try her.

jannsimon Jan 10 2003 April is truly gifted and amazing. This woman is the best I have spoken with and I have used over 100, yes that is the truth, so I have the highest regard for April, a true gem. You will not be disappointed one bit if you try her. She definitely can contact those on the other side and see past, present and future. Thank you April, I'm sure you know who this is!

jannsimon Jan 6 2003 April is truly outstanding. I have used her so many times in the past few days and am astounded at her abilities. She doesn't waste time, she tells you the truth, and is just an unbelievable talent.

jannsimon Jan 5 2003 She is the most outstanding, amazing psychic I have ever spoken with and I have spoekn with over 100. She is empathatic, clairvoyant, an angel, can contact those who have crossed and helped. I am crying tonight for all her help. God Bless you April, Jennifer

jannsimon Jan 5 2003 Absolutely the best of the best, there is no better and I have spoken to over 100 to help me with a serious situation. She is kind, caring, and talented and can see and tell you the honest truth. If there is one person on here that I believe is the best it is April.

jannsimon Jan 4 2003 She is wonderful, the best, so good and insightful and talented. I will call again.

jannsimon Jan 4 2003 I have spoken with over 100, 100 psychics and let me say April is the best I have ever spoken with. She has helped me with a gruesome task, uncovering murder victims of my ex boyrfriend. What she was able to help me with some of it I have already been told, but not in such detail or clarity as what April was able to see. She is so gifted and so amazing and I hope to speak with her for along time to come.

TOL Jan 3 2003 Finally we got through and she is a wonderful caring honest reader! Very accurate and honest. Thank you!

Tomaz Dec 12 2002

TOL Nov 21 2002 If you want an honest, caring, amazing reader...Psychic April is the woman you want to talk to. She is great, one of the BEST here on!

Regine Aug 5 2002 she was on target ! Wow!

Spacecookie Aug 1 2002

*Only ratings given for paid sessions are counted.