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~ Psychic April ~


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Psychic April`s Predictions

2004 & Beyond

My Friends, we are in the Age of The Christ Conciousness. Still your Minds and Open yorself up to Recieve. Your Answers are all around you. Trust that You are Never alone my dear ones and keep Faith that You are watched over with Love and Wisdom.

April`s Visions

  1. Cell Phones will be replaced by small devices in our ears, until that device is replaced with Our E.S.P/ Telepathy
  2. Earthquake will hit California / West Coast, breaking it off into the Pacific by approx. 2025-2026.
  3. Wars will still continue around the globe. No World wars, No destruction of our world.
  4. World Peace does come.
  5. Through United Nations, comes 1 Global form of goverment.
  6. Great Spiritual Movement ( has just begun)
  7. HIV/ AIDS will be no more.
  8. Cancer will be no more.
  9. "Ghosts" will appear to many! We will begin to see more psychics everyday as spiritual gifts awaken in millions. the veil that seperates our worlds is thinning daily!
  10. Above all, we begin to love our brothers & sisters of the world
  11. Aliens are already here, but they make themselves known in the next few years
  12. Medical field changes dramatically, none like we have ever seen before. All Medical procedures will be through breathe and skin



~**~ Every Breathe we take Today, leads our steps into tommorrow ~**~