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Ghost Pictures & Stories
This is it !!! Stanton Friedman, Colin Andrews & David Kingston have quoted some of the things said at this UFO site. I have seen many sites on UFO information, Tom's Site is the Best yet, to Prove They truly are Here and with us! Looking for the REAL DEAL, You finally found it!


This ghost photo was submitted by Jason Knear of

Jason said, "In August of 2003, my car was hit by a drunk driver. Thankfully I wasn't in the car, but these pictures were taken after the accident. The last picture REALLY caught my intrest. There was a lot of activity going on especially in the righ hand corner of the bottom of the picture. Anyway, Enjoy and god bless."

Psychic April's Ghost story :
In May of 2001, a little girl named Ellie decided to make herself known to me. I left my computer speakers on all the time.This is where she decided to vocally let me know she was near me and in my presence. At 3am. in the morning, I heard this little girl say "Booooo" over my computer Mic. and then proceeded to shake my bed 2 times. My first reaction was fear, she was just a child approx. 3 years in age, when she showed herself to me. Later during the week, she came to me again, as I played with my 2 year old niece. I always say Boooo to my neice as I sneak up on her before I tickle her. So, it is no suprise that this child wanted me to play with her in this same fashion. As, I researched more into this child, I found she had not known she had passed, I sent her into the light and helped to reunite her with her loved ones on the Other Side.
Spirits come to me daily, I have heard much wisdom and seen much truth.
Most hauntings occur due to unifinished business here on the physical plane. They either are not aware they are dead (because they feel alive and may have died while in comma, trauma, etc....) or they simply do not know to move on and go forward, perhaps they feel unworthy and don`t deserve love & warmth from the light. Most spirits will leave if you ask them to and Most spirits will not bring us any harm !

If you are experiencing a Haunting, please look at the suggestions below.

  1. Ask the entity to leave, that you are unable to assist them.
  2. Tell the Entity that they are no longer living in the physical world that they need to look for the light and go to it. This is where they will find their loved ones and friends.
  3. Burn sage and give the entity a time frame (example: you must leave by 6pm. my time)
  4. If they do not leave and they are annoying you, ask the Entity to quiet down their behavior and to learn to live in balance and harmony with those that are living in the physical realm.
  5. If nothing above helps, please contact a Psychic Medium in your area to help the Entity move on


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Entity with Child & Doll