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High Desert
Yucca Valley, California
Psychic April In Middle
Brother & Sister on sides

Storm that flooded Joshua Tree, Ca.
Coming into Yucca Valley, Ca.

My Street Flooded out
Yucca Valley, ca.

More of the Flood

Weather / Climate

 Yucca Valley , California - Monthly Climate Normals
   Year  Jan.  Feb.  Mar  Apr.  May  Jun.  Jul.  Aug.  Sep.  Oct.  Nov.  Dec.
 High F  80 66 64 68 80 85 96 101 99 89 79 72 60
 Low F  49 36 39 41 45 52 57 70 67 59 47 41 35
 Average F  64 51 52 55 63 67 77 86 83 79 73 57 48
 Rain  3.34  .95 .43  .11  .00 .00 .00 .01 .00 .00 .23 .65 .96

Location / Description

Yucca Valley is located in southern California's San Bernardino County on the northern edge of Joshua Tree National Park. It is among a group communities, including Joshua Tree, Landers and Twentynine Palms, occupying the Morongo Basin of the southeastern Mojave Desert.

Because the U.S. Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center occupies hundreds of thousands of acres to the north, the city of Yucca Valley is home to many military personnel.

Population / Elevation

35,000 / 3,279 feet above sea level


Shosone-speaking Chemuevi and Serrano Indians occupied the Morongo Basin (about half of which is occupied by the city of Yucca Valey) until small pox epidemic decimated them in the 1880s. By that time, the area was being prospected by Americans, Mexicans and Chinese.

In 1881, Chuck Warren leased grazing land and after hand digging a well, opened the area to ranching. After the turn of the century, homesteaders began arriving in the area, and in the attendant fencing of lands, feuds between ranchers and homesteaders ensued.

After World War II, smaller homesteading plots allowed veterans with health problems to take up residence and after highway improvements were made, tourists and the movie industry were attracted. The city of Yucca Valley was incorporated November 27, 1991.

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