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Psychic April Cornell
The fact that you are reading this website is of great imporatance to You, and Your Life.
In the Spiritual Realm it is called "The Law of Attraction", simply put, people and situations are placed in your life for a purpose.
These people will either Guide You, Teach You, Bless You or Help You Learn a Great Lesson for the Building of your character, soul development & maturity.
I personaly Welcome you with arms wide open, to recieve messages from Your Angels, Guides and Crossed Over Loved Ones.
My Devine Life Purpose is to be a Spiritual Teacher and to help many Awaken their own Spiritual Gifts. I can Promise You that You are here for a Reason.
There are No mistakes or Coincidences in this life, allow me to give you the Answers you seek my friend.
in Love and much Light to you and yours,
Psychic April


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 2004 & Beyond

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